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More comprehensive than CSA B-72, UL 96 and NFPA 780, the IEC 62305 provides for a more robust external lightning protection system. R3A and DEHN provide design assistance from engineering through installation based on either CSA, UL, NFPA, or IEC. Contact: info@r3alimited.com

Site Surveys

Protection System Plan and Report The result of the survey is a comprehensive report that includes recommendations for repairs or improvements along with any recommendations for additional equipment. Email info@r3alimited.com

Internal Lightning and Surge Protection System Design

We offer comprehensive planning and design services for internal lightning and surge protection in accordance with the Lightning Protection Zone concept “LPZ”. For more info email: info@r3alimited.com

Software and Calculation Aids

The DEHNsupport Toolbox software offers a variety of calculation options in fields of lightning and surge protection ranging from risk management to the calculation of the length of the air- termination rods, separeation distances and lengths of electrodes. For more information click here

DEHN Konfigurator

Surge and Lightning Protection solutions are vast throughout the many applicable industries as is our product lines. To help you find the products you need for your surge and lightning susceptible infrastructure we made two easy-to-use product search features into our website that we call our Konfigurator. One of them is for our power supply or red-line products and the other is for our information system or yellow-line products. For more information click here