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About Us

R3&A Limited is  Canadian, independent, private owned company dedicated to providing Surge and Lightning Protection solutions and services to protect people, buildings, objects, and systems. For more than two decades R3&A Limited is recognized as a knowledgeable, commited, and reliable partner to ensure that the right designs and solutions are implemented. R3&A Limited has over 35 years of extensive experience with industry specific applications such as Surge and Lightning Protection for Wind and Solar as well as Telecommunications, Transportation, Energy Storage, Oil & Gas, LNG, Hydrogen,e-Mobility, Greenhouses, and Surveillance systems. At R3&A Limited we are commited to pass on our knowledge and experience through our Seminars, Workshops, and Webinars. Please check out our R3A Learning Centre page for more information. R3&A Limited is Located in Cobourg, Ontario and proudly represents DEHN, a global leader in Surge and Lightning Protection Solutions.