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Your Partner in Lightning and Surge Protection Solutions, and Domotics
DEHNconcept Developing concepts for external lightning protection systems ranging from simple office and administration buildings and parts of installations to large industrial plants for all kinds of industry sectors such as: Photovoltaics Biogas Petrochemical Industry Power Stations We develop overall concepts for isolated and conventional air-termination sytems of complex installation in line with the IEC 62305 (SANS 62305) on behalf of, architects, electrical consultants and lightning protection companies. The concepts include drawings, specification texts, bills of material and material offers. When asked to develop a professional concept, we need some information. Our Services Include: Earth Resistance Test Risk Assessments Site Assessments Consulting and high level design, including offer for concept development Consulting, including detailed engineering and cost-optimised design, bill of materials will be included Calculation of separation distrances according to the IEC 62305 Description of the Lightning Protection Concept
Site Surveys R3A Limited specializes in examining facility sites to develop a long-lasting and effective protection systems. The result of the survey is a comphrehensive report that includes recommendations for repairs of imrpovements along with any other recommendations for additional equipment.
DEHNsupport Toolbox Planning software for lightning protection systems, The DEHNsupport Toolbox consists of the following modules. DEHN Risk Tool (Risk Management) DEHN Distance Tool Module (Calculations Of The Separation Distance) DEHN Air-Termination Tool (Calculation OfThe Air-Termination Rod Length) DEHN Earthing Tool (Calculation Of The Earth Electrode Length) DEHNselect SPD Tool (Selection Guide And Dimensioning For Surge Protective Devices) The DEHNsupport Toolbox software offers a variety of calculation options in the lightning and surge protectiong fields, these range from the calculation of the length of the air-termination rods, separation distances and length of the earth electrodes. This way of electronic planning and decision aid provides easy and practical support to planners, lightning protection systems installers and electricians.