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Training video’s: DEHN: This link will show you how the red line, yellow line, and earthing works in great detail and what it can do for you. https://www.dehn-international.com/en/product-videos https://www.dehn-international.com/en/dehnacademy-e-learning TELETASK: - https://www.youtube.com/user/TELETASKmovie - http://www.teletask.be/downloads.aspx?dir=Case+Studies&niv=0&lang=en
Webinars Attending our Seminars and Webinars is your opportunity to learn more about Lightning and Surge Protection, and Domotics. In Seminars and Webinars, we pass on our experience of several decades to our customers. DEHN Lightning & Surge Protection Subjects: Basics of Lightning and Surge Protection, Solar Installations, Industrial Automation, Waste Water Treatment Installations, Wind Energy, Telecom Systems as well as Product Innovations, Installation Practices, Design Software -  DEHNsupport - External Lightning Protection. Check out Dates & Course Descriptions DEHN TELETASK subjects: How to design a complete Home Automation system, Product Innovations, System Capabilities and Functionalities Check out Dates & Course Descriptions TELETASK  A Certificate of Completion will be provided for all subjects.
Your Partner in Lightning and Surge Protection Solutions, and Domotics
The new completely revised Lightning Protection Guide by DEHN provides technical support to you as a specialist in this field, wether you are involved in design or executing.