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R3&A Limited is  Canadian, independent, private owned company dedicated to providing Surge and Lightning Protection solutions and services to protect people, buildings, objects, and systems. R3&A Limited has over 35 years of extensive experience with industry specific applications such as Surge and Lightning Protection for Wind and Solar as well as Telecommunications, Transportation, Energy Storage, Oil & Gas, LNG, Hydrogen, E-Mobility, Greenhouses, and Surveillance systems. R3&A Limited is Located in Cobourg, Ontario and proudly represents DEHN, a global leader in Surge and Lightning Protection Solutions. R3&A Limited is connected to the DEHN Global Expertise Integrated Network.
Greenhouses Surge and Lightning protection are essential components when it comes to protecting people, preventing fire, and guarding against the failure of important networked systems. The implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Advanced Lighting Technology, Solar Powered Greenhouses are becoming cricitical options to develop sustainable solutions that enhance the productivity. Protection measures for modern “smart” Greenhouses are more important then ever before to secure production processes. Avoid taking unnecessary risks with the help of an efficient protection concept. To find out more about our solutions, info@r3alimited.com
E-Mobility From the wall box to the AC/DC charging stations right through to high- power charging parks and bus charging stations: we offer comprehensive protection concepts and solutions to plan, build, check and operate these safely, efficiently, and in a standard-compliant manner. To find out more about or solutions: info@r3alimited.com or click here
Renewable Energy Surge damage due to a thunderstorm is one of the most frequent causes of damage in Wind Turbines and PV systems. Surges often lead to destruction of system parts. Decide in favour of a proffesional and comprehensive lightning protection system. In doing so, you increase system sustainability and secure your revenue in the long term. Battery Storage Systems store the excess energy produced by PV/Turbine systems and feed it back into the grid when required. This counterbalances fluctuations and peak loads in the power supply network. Surges, direct lightning strikes and grid- related voltage peaks put your battery storage system at risk. Links: PV Solutions Wind Turbine Solutions Battery Storage Solutions
LNG / Hydrogen Lightning strikes and Surge currents present a risk to the sensitive systems and components used in the LNG and Hydrogen industry. In today’s competitive environment system failure is a real threat. So reduce cost- intensive operational disturbances and minimise down-time. With a comprehensive lightning and surge protection concept you can optimize the continuous operation of piplelines, compressor stations, and control and measurement systems. Be the next company who put their trust in DEHN’s products, Solutions, and know-how. Click here for references.
Minimize expensive maintenance and repair work. Safeguard the availability of your systems with a customized Surge and Lightning Protection Concept. DEHN Protects. Two Words, One Promise