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R3&A Limited is a Canadian, independent, private       
owned company located in Cobourg, Ontario offering  
complete solutions of Surge and Lightning Protection  
and Domotics - Home Automation -  Systems. We        
have strong and close partnerships with well known     
suppliers like
DEHN and TELETASK and are their       
exclusive partner for the Canadian market.

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DEHNcube AC: DEHNcube AC 50 kA Series
The new cUL Listed Type 1 Surge Protective
Device (SPD) from DEHN, the world leader in
lightning and surge protection, protects
equipment from voltage transients caused by
occurrences within the ac power system, or by
lightning events.
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DEHNcube PV: If your photovoltaic system
has not been designed with integrated surge
protection, you may be at high risk for
damage and loss of operation from the effects
of lightning. Smaller commercial and
residential systems frequently do not include
surge protection within their string inverters or
combiner boxes. If this feature is missing from
your installation, the addition of the
DEHNcube is a must to protect your
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DEHN Test Centre: The DEHN test centre is
now able to generate lightning currents with a
peak value up to 400 kA in the standardised
10/350 µs test wave form and thus one of the
most powerful of its kind in the world.
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Gap Wireless Inc: Gap Wireless Inc. has
become a 'Platinum' distributor for R3&A
Limited in respect to the distribution of the
DEHN products in the Telecom Industry.
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